Fischer is a nice ale brew from Strasbourg, France which proves that the French can do more than whine about Americans, take long vacations and make wine. I was pleasantly surprised by this find. A year ago at Christmas time our family was in France drinking wine and it never crossed mind to consider beer. Who would drink beer in France? Who would drink wine in German? Get my point? This is worth the time and money. Of course, in line with French tradition, I’m drinking this beer with cheese! (From Wisconsin).

Appearance: The first thing I noticed was the color. Bright, clear and light bronze. It has a wonderful head the color of light beige but nice and creamy looking in texture.

It has a very pleasant aroma. Much like carmel. We are baking bread at the time that I’m drinking this and there are similar smells of yeast in the bread and the beer..

I love the taste of this beer. Maybe because I love bread so much. Bread tasting beer!

The mouthfeel is not too light or heavy. It finishes with a subtle metallic taste that is nice.

Overall this is a nice beer. I didn’t know the French could pull this off. The bottle is a bonus in fact might want to buy the beer just for the bottle. You might want to look at and taste.

ABV: 6.0%

Grade: A-