While this beer in bottle form is a new arrival, the significance behind it is rather nostalgic. Last summer I had the privilege of being on a softball team with a random group of guys. Our captain got Emmett’s Ale House to sponsor us which would turn out to be a welcomed backer. Whether we won or lost, a group of guys (and our fans) would make our way over to Emmett’s pub in Downers Grove, Illinois to celebrate … or medicate. On Thursday nights they offered half price pitchers and 50 cent potato skins making it a win-win situation. While the skins didn’t feel so good the next day, the beer was amazing. Our group rallied around their Munich Light, but they offered a solid line up of beers.

I can’t help but wonder if this pale ale, called Victory, was at all prophetic. As it turns out we won the championship! Allow me to give a quick shout out to Mike, Brian, Pete, Steve, Ricky, Chuck, Carlos, Stephen, Noel, Taylor, Matt, Axle, and our fans for a fun and beer filled summer.

Pale ales are not my style of choice, but I occasionally like to enjoy one. Basically, I’d rather just drink an IPA to get my hop fix since APAs are too close in taste (in my opinion). Regardless of my preference, this Pale was excellent. It was fresh and chalk full of hoppy goodness. During the pour aromatic citrus notes cascaded into the air releasing grapefruit, orange, lemon, and pineapple. The hops were very much the focal point of this beer, but you can not count out the subtle sweet malt (which was probably Victory). There is bitterness the entire sip and the latter half is refreshing and very flavorful. I’d liken it to biting into a fresh cool orange or grapefruit. The aftertaste is clean and demands more be consumed to quench the slight dryness. Overall, it is very drinkable. I’d say this is one of the better APAs I’ve had. I believe it is only sold locally and it sold out quick at the liquor store I go to.