I grabbed this beer off of the shelf because I am always interested in a honey brown. Being the connoisseur that I am, I was drawn to the little bee on the cover of the bottle with a pint in his left hand and beating a bass drum with his right. To bad band wasn’t like that for me in high school. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but if you can judge a beer by its label, then this little bee and honeycomb was an accurate foreshadowing of a light, sweet, and refreshing brown.

For those of you who may typically shy away from Brown’s due to their deep and dark taste, the Dundee Honey Brown may come as a surprising delight. A lighter brown with an even body and smooth taste, this Honey Brown has a crisp taste with a sweet finish. With nutty and honey tones, and a golden caramel color, this Brown has little to no head, but a steady stream of bubbles that assures you of its liveliness. This is a soft and easy Brown that will dance across your tongue and leave you in contented, peaceful bliss.

As for me I tried this with my wife over dinner and she was instantly in love. A girl who generally steers away from the bitter beers that leave her puckering, she found this brew a surprising mix of smooth honey goodness. This is a good one to sip on all afternoon while sharing the 6 pack with your lady friend.

ABV: 4.5%

Grade: B+