This year, I went Christmas-crazy. Maybe it was for lack of much of the holiday spirit last year, I don’t know, but I have done everything. My wife and I baked Christmas cookies for eight hours straight. We put up garlands and our christmas tree and planned an open house for 80. And I put up lights. Boy, did I put up lights. I traced all my windows, my garage, the columns out front, the bushes and a small tree. You may be thinking, oh what absolute pain, what a miserable day he must have spent, shivering, atop a ten foot ladder, shuffling across an ice-laden roof. But this year, I was smart. I took the 70 degree day we had in November and went nuts. So, after a day of stretching, climbing, hammering and perfecting my display, I felt the need to indulge in a brew. The Delirium Nocturnum I cracked open was an orphan, left in my fridge by an all too careless friend, probably thinking it would be around the next time he visited. While I didn’t spend the necessary energy on analyzing this treat, I definitely enjoyed it. The color was a deep amber, almost brown, with a two finger head. Spices on the nose. Its taste was both smooth and complex. There was an unmistakable tartness and a rich blend of spice. It went down well, albeit was best enjoyed over a slight stretch of time. I’ll definitely be back for this Belgian!

ABV: 8.5%

Grade: B