This lager claims to benefit from over 700 hundred years of brewing experience of the South Bohemian Region in the Czech Republic. So, you Americans that have a pinch of Bohemian in your DNA, better grab this one with pride.

The water to make this brew is drawn from a 10,000 year old ice age lake that sits 300 meters below the brewery itself. The malts and hops are extracted from various regions in Bohemia and is sure to provide its majestic character in every bottle. Go to to learn more about this beer’s intriguing history.

At first pour, this beer is golden and clear in color with a half finger white head that dissipated almost immediately. The carbonation was mild yet inviting and the anticipation to taste a veteran import was growing. The smell was fruity, malty and yeasty with a sweet and floral backdrop. The taste was yeasty and malty that finished with a mild sweetness and hoppy zing that disappeared quickly. The mouth feel is surprisingly dry, kinda the same mouth feel as a carbonated water (San-Pellegrino anyone), weird but distinguished. My experience with this was easy to describe in sequence…cool in temp, smooth, dry, with a short burst of carbonation that boosts a quality lager flavor with a quick finish. Actually, a finish that makes you continuously takes sips to remember how good the last taste was. Sip, aah, then quickly forget…sip again, aah…what was that I just tasted?…guess I gotta keep sippin’.

Quality and tradition lager!

ABV 5.0%

Grade: B+