I love beer. I think at this point, that’s got to be a fairly obvious point. I love it for the taste, yes, the smell, the look and the unbelievable varieties. But I also love the circumstance that surrounds each brew. I rarely here the hiss of a bottle cap and proceed to slam back a beer without thinking. Each sampling is a new and unique experience and it is that which I love most about beer.

The best place to get beer is at church. The best person to get it from? I would argue, your pastor. And so it was with Big Bison Ale from Missouri. While it may have taken me just over a week to consume my treasured gift, the wait was intentional, and tonight’s setting, perfect.

The beer was a deep amber, with a mist of carbonation stirring around under the umbrella of an extra sticky, light tan head. Each sip left a mustache of froth on my upper lip. When I inhaled, my nose took in deep dregs of malt, sweetness and dark fruits. The alcohol played around the edges of my tongue, present but not overwhelming. There was a sticky aftertaste that coated my mouth with a faint sweetness. As it warmed, the flavor enhanced some, but the scent was increasingly pleasant with a buttery smell coming through.

While I enjoyed this beer, I would have to agree with the generous giver in that it is a little off of the ‘‘Belgian style dubbel” it claims on the label. It is a good brew, but you’ll want to go in absent of the notion of its claimed Belgian roots

ABV: 7.2%

Grade: B