An American domestic … Hey, I had to break the seal at some point. These boring brews remain great for many occasions (card games, sporting events, grilling, etc). You can not neglect the beauty of downing cold ones back to back to back … love it! So for this simple reason, I will complete more reviews on these simple American domestics.

Coors brewing company is nestled in the beautiful town of Golden Colorado. For those of you who haven’t heard yet, it is now MillerCoors … yes these two powerhouses combined quite recently. This brewery prides itself on using Rocky Mountain fresh spring water from the hills high above the city of Golden to brew there variety of brews. Secret: Blue Moon is a Coors product!

At first pour this brew was clear and straw colored with a one finger head and heavy carbonation. It smelled of hops and malt with a floral backdrop. The taste was malty with a hoppy after taste that surprisingly sat well on the tongue. The beer was light and smooth with balanced flavors that fit the style and taste the brewer was looking to create. Simple, refreshing, and enjoyable! I could drink these thirst quenchers all night long, however, I would probably make the switch to Coors Light! Zach, I new you would appreciate that one!

Several years back I had the opportunity to tour the Coors Brewing Company in Golden Colorado and was really impressed! The tour is free, informative and a great way to kill a few hours if you are in the area. Let me tell ya … fresh Blue Moons go down way better than the ones you purchase in the liquor store. Imagine that Michael, better!!!

ABV: 5.0%

Review: B-