United States Beer Reviews

Although beer existed in the United States from its birth (and before), it wasn’t until Prohibition that the state of beer in America was truly united. Today, the United States is arguably the world’s most important beer market, where brewers enjoy the most freedom to practice and advance their craft. The market is a true melting pot of brewing styles and traditions, and the beer community is as vibrant as it is diverse. While things really got started during and as a result of the Prohibition Era (1919-1933), fermented drinks pre-date the country’s founding in 1776. Hailed as a land of opportunity, huge macrobrewing enterprises like AB InBev and MillerCoors co-exist alongside a growing number of small craft beer companies. A country built by immigrants, America has heavy European brewing influences. The number of influential breweries are too great to number, and the list continues to evolve as independent brewers push innovation in the craft and give the world more and more interesting lagers and ales to explore.