The commercials are better than the beer! You’ve maybe seen Budweiser’s campaign to capture another audience. On TV the bottle of BL (male) meets the grains of wheat (female) and they start a relationship. Provocative marketing out does the product. I drank a six pack to make sure that I didn’t jump to any conclusions prematurely. I cooled it to near freezing but still it ended up as a cheap, light beer that didn’t deliver. My taste buds weren’t even tempted! Specifically, the beer’s aroma is light to say the least. The head is weak but at least it matches the favor’s strength. The “at first tingle” moves to a smooth mouth feel but not much flavor. This is truly a weak attempt at luring beer drinkers to another market. I am still basking in the flavor of the beers I tried at a local pub/brewing called “Great Waters Brewery” in St. Paul so BLGW tastes like water. After a six pack I’ve had enough for a life time. No more for me. The best thing I can say about BLGW is that’s it’s better the BL. Give it a try just so you can say you tried it.

ABV: 4.1%

Grade: C-