According to the brewery there are two pounds of whole leaf hops cones per barrel making this a hop lover’s dream come true. The bottle depicts a regal king holding his own brew and a hop shaped scepter visually setting the stage for this deliciously royal hoppy brew. It is all hops nothing more nothing less, just pure hops.

Its color is a peach-orange hue with a very attractive three finger head that laces on the glass. The smell is piney, pine-sol, massive citrus, lemon, lime, pineapple, yellow and red grapefruits, peach, and apricot. It is floral and pungent. Hop resins and oils stuck to my nostrils and lungs as this very vibrant powerfully hop-centric ale packs a punch.

Faint toasty notes are layered within a sweet light bodied malt (pale). It gently lends a base for the hops to build upon. This was quite possibly the best Imperial IPA I’ve had in a long time. The bitterness is thorough and lasting as my tongue, cheeks, lips, and throat are coated with the resinous hops. Towards the finish there is a minor Lysol flavor. I’d liken it to chewing a raw piece of Romaine lettuce without dressing. However, I think this is due to the high bittering units and it quickly dissipates into glorious citrus hops.

While being a massively hopped brew, it is very drinkable and the 7.5% abv will allow you a few glasses. Abrasive, yet approachable! If you are a hop lover this beer is a MUST try. I would put it up there with Founders Double Trouble and Bell’s Hopslam … it is that good.