Surprising. This beer was surprising.

When I first poured it out, it appeared completely clear with a yellow tint. As I stared at the consistency confused, I checked the bottle to make sure that it was an unfiltered wheat. Though I’m not sure of the exact difference between a filtered and unfiltered wheat, I do know that an unfiltered wheat usually is much more cloudy. So when I grabbed the bottle to see if it was unfiltered, I realized there was a bit of beer left in the bottle. Not wanting to waste, I dropped in the last bit only to watch that start the mixing process. Before my eyes, I witnessed a mixing frenzy with the last ounce of beer turn my glass into a science experiment.

There was not much smell to the beer. When I took my first sip, I was amazed that what I was drinking was very light and smooth. It was crisp and sweet. I later learned of its low alcohol content (3.5 by weight and 4.4 by volume), and was not surprised because of the watery finish.

This beer would be the perfect refreshment for a hot sunny summer afternoon after mowing the lawn. If I where the Boulevard Brewing company, I think I’d rename it the Lazy Summer Wheat. In fact, I may just write them and let them know….

All in all, I loved it. Next time I hear, “Honey, the lawn needs to be mowed,” I’ll gladly jump up from what I am doing and head out to the yard, knowing that my reward is a Boulevard Wheat. Or, at least in theory.

ABV: 4.6%

Grade: A-