This beer pours a beautiful rust orange color with a fluffy, dense head. The aroma welcomes you with a blast of pungent, citrusy hops. The smell is intoxicating and immediately puts a smile on my face. I had a feeling this was going to be a good beer when I chose to buy it the other day. So far so good. The head dissipates leaving the beginning of what will likely be a some decent lacing weaving down the sides of the glass. I’m actually writing this review a bit after the fact, because the beer was so delicious I drank the whole thing before I sat down to write this. Nonetheless, its left a pretty good impression so I’m going to continue.

The major thing I take away from the flavor of the beer is a fresh fruitiness. It has this interesting trio of bitter hops, slightly sweet yet fruity malt? And a smooth mouthfeel that all combine to make this not only a delicious and refreshing beer, but a highly drinkable one. Clearly the generous use of hops and the use of dry hopping contributes to the fruity attributes. Its not cloying or overly crisp, but it finds itself at a nice place in between. Smooth creamy mouthfeel, but very obvious hop bitterness. Its got an alcohol content on the lower end of the spectrum which I think is rather ingenious. It yields a delicious, flavorful, I-could-drink-this-all-night kind of beer and not get tired or bored of it. In the wide range of the American Pale Ale category, this beer finds itself pretty well positioned in my opinion. I will definitely make an effort to buy this again, and look forward to it. And after looking over their website and exploring their beers, there doesn’t seem to be a beer that they make that does not sound awesome.

ABV: 4.85%

Grade: A