What comes to mind when you try to think of a well-known beer from the UK? Most often the phrase, “my goodness, my Guinness” comes to mind. Allow me to introduce you to a beer I like to call “liquid gold.” While, there is no catch phrase for Boddington’s Ale, you might hear me exclaim “glory be, it’s the bumblebee” if I find it on tap at a local establishment. This beer can be summed up as such: the antithesis of Guinness. It is quite literally the opposite in just about every way (color, flavor, smell).

However, it is not a beer to take lightly. It boasts a wonderful history and experience on its own merit. This English Pale Ale is one of the best around. The color is deep golden to bright copper with its signature off-white head which is very dense and foamy. Similar to most English ales, there is a slight fruitiness to the aroma coupled with a light hop presence. There are subtle malt aromas which lean towards straw-like or easy caramel notes. Being that Boddington’s is a standard bitter the hop character is not as apparent as an ESB, but there are still earthy and mildly spicy hints that shine through with the use of UK hops. I can think of one similarity to Guinness in that Boddington’s is also known for its smooth, creamy texture. In pubs it was hand pulled from the cask allowing the beer to lose some of its gassy carbonation and producing an easy drinking ale. This same effect is now done using nitrogen widgets which simulate the hand drawn draught.

I would strongly recommend this beer to anyone looking for a beginning beer or a refreshing thirst quencher. It is well-rounded, low in alcohol, and carbonation making it easy to drink.

ABV: 4.7%

Grade: A