Also titled: Better Than Cat Pee

My cat is toilet trained. Now realize, I didn’t say ‘potty trained’ like it knows it should go in the litter box. No, that would be unimpressive and un-noteworthy. I said toilet trained because it actually goes to the bathroom on the toilet. Mostly. Tonight, however, it decided to go on our brand new rug and in the basket of clean laundry. I am completely out of boxers, so this was particularly bad timing, Romeo. As salve on my wounds, I opened a bottle of Blue Moon Grand Cru. For several years, I have been a passionate lover of Blue Moon Belgian White, I think it was the first beer that I felt like I was drinking a craft brew before I knew what craft brew was. Well, now I know better, and yet still enjoy a good Blue Moon every now and then. The Grand Cru, released in recognition of the second full moon in the same month (which happens to fall on New Year’s Eve), seemed to be basically an amped-up version of its less alcoholic brother beer. The golden hue after the pour seemed the same deep, opaque orange of the standard white ale and the head, about a finger, the same cream color. Its nose was bursting with citrus and coriander herby goodness. The typical Blue Moon taste seemed to be sandwiched between a syrupy sweetness, making the 8.2% ABV very apparent on the tongue. It goes down a bit too carbonated, but isn’t much of a sipper either, making it a great New Year’s Eve celebration beer. It was good and definitely better than cat pee.

Grade: B