Yes, I know this is one of Americas trendiest craft beers…you know, with the slice of orange hanging onto to the side of the glass. Actually that orange is supposed to accentuate the flavor of this beer because orange peel is one of its unique ingredients. Anyway, I don’t care what anybody says, this beer is damn good! I enjoy this brew a bit more than I should and love to use this one to accompany my greasy wings when I am out for happy hour. This is a simple wheat beer that boasts great flavor and hits the palate well during many joyous occasions. Am I telling you to pick up a twelver of this stuff today?…well of course!

At first pour, this cloudy straw colored wheat beer makes me lick my chops every time I watch that thick white 2 finger head expand to the rim of the glass. Oh, the beauty of a wheat beer! Now, it is OK to salivate over your chunk of orange, I do, however, do not throw that sucker in the brew until you have gotten a real taste of the beer itself. Then after a swig or two do what you wish with that hunk of vitamin C. The smell of this brew is of citrus and wheat. The taste is much of the same, orange and citrus come to mind with a great wheat flavor that mixes and follows well. The beer is smooth with a common wheat-like fullness on your palate. In addition, the carbonation bites gently on the tongue and remnants of hops remain faintly between sips. The drinkability is above average for this wheat beer. They seem to just keep sliding down. Maybe I am just dehydrated all the time…or not.

I don’t know what it is about this stuff?!?!? Maybe I’m caught up in the hype but I’ll tell you what, Coors has done a great job with this brew. They taste even better when you drink em’ right after you get done with the Coors brewery tour! Thanks again Cigs… By the way, I know this brew’s packaging claims it is made at the “Blue Moon Brewing Co.” Not true, it is actually made at Coors, Molson-Coors, Miller-Coors, whatever it is these days. They use the Blue Moon Brewing Co as a marketing ploy to keep people thinking they are drinking a true craft beer. My opinion…this doesn’t matter a bit, it is still a good craft beer!