Is it the name?  I know, it’s the label…right?  Whatever the reason, I must say that Moose Drool sure peaked my interest.  At first I was a little hesitant when Noel introduced me to what the wide open state of Montana has to offer.  However, upon one sip this beer become an instant classic in my book.  I would argue that if you have not had Moose Drool you are missing out on one hell of a brown ale.

The two finger rocky head capped a clear deep maple syrup hue liquid.  The aroma was chocolaty and carried minor hints of smoke.  In addition, it smelled musty, almost like a stale dank quality.  Surprisingly though the aroma fit.  I contribute that to the hop varieties used (on the earthy herbal side of the spectrum).  Rich toasty notes wafted up as I tipped the glass back to sip.

Oh, it is smooth and creamy…almost silky.  I’m not sure if it has to do with the water used, but there is almost a soft mineral element to it.  Perhaps it is moose drool indeed?  There are great brown ale qualities to be found.  Bold chocolate, slightly burnt caramel, toffee, earthy hops.  The finish is malt focused and leaves you with a mouth smacking dryness.  This effect is brilliant as it makes you want to take another ship.  There is an interesting woodsy impression I picked up (also like a Bamberg Rauchbier) but for the most part this beer is highly sessionable.  The aftertaste is a delicious chocolate quality.

It is also available in cans so pick your drool wisely.