I think I have found the perfect combination. Scotland, Golf, and Beer! This delicious brew caught my eye in all three accounts. In Jr. High I took golf lessons and enjoyed learning and playing a gentleman’s game. I have also had the privilege of attending the Western Open bringing back fond memories of running down Fred Couple in a golf cart for his autograph or getting impaled over a picket fence while getting Greg Norman’s. Maybe it was the kindness of Tom Watson as he took time to sign my program that made me realize this is a game of sophistication and class (something most pro-sports lack). I’m also part Scottish so anything relating my ancestry is on the top of my list. Not to mention that over the years I have become very impressed with the quality of beer that comes from the UK and Ireland.

I thoroughly savored this beer to the last drop. There is an excellent off-white head and the carbonation is consistent enough to keep a thin layer present. The aroma is very earthy, malty, and straight up glorious. I got a wonderful array of toasted malts, caramel, nuts, toffee, some light floral highlights, herbal notes, and some fruitiness characteristic of English ales. Scottish ales have three main classifications, light, heavy, and export. I would say this is more on the lighter side of the spectrum. It is very drinkable and has a wonderful caramel/hazelnut aftertaste. While it does not feel heavy on the palate, it is a rich beer that will fill you up (especially if you buy the 16 oz. bottle). There is a low bitterness since the intention is to let the malts shine. I’m going to place this right between a Red and Brown ale in terms of taste and flavor.

If we were judging this beer by golfing standards I’d give it a “hole in one” or at least an “eagle.”


ABV: 4.6%

Grade: A