C.V. Howe (Marketing Director) puts it well on Avery’s website in saying that Out of Bounds is, “a roast monster!”  Pouring a garnet hue with a creamy beige head it is no wonder this beer might be a pub favorite based on looks alone.  Pressing your nose to the glass, you will get a huge whiff of dark roasted grains.  In addition you’ll get a sort of tropical fruity quality and a bready yeast profile.  The first think that came to mind was Guinness Extra Stout to which I would say has a rival.

Although this is an American stout, the aroma, appearance, and taste are pretty close.  With an aggressive hopping of Buillon and Fuggles a very noticeable earthy, herbal bitterness came through in both the nose and palate.  Hands down this is an easy, smooth, sessionable stout.  The moderate abv adds a little life without overstepping it’s boundaries.  I could see this as a great beer to enjoy post-ski down a mountain side next to a warm fire.  Hearty and filling.  While sipping on this beer I wondered what might happen if they put this beer on nitrogen?

Roasted grains hit the front of the palate in a clean but bitter way which roll over into a bitter hop display.  The finish is burnt and dark chocolate with a hint of campfire smoke.  A truly delicious beer that I will be buying much of during the winter months.