Beer reviews and blog posts by Noel

Noel collects large quantities of his favorite things, from music to shoes to worn out thrift store t-shirts. Recently, he has become somewhat of a beer-tasting kleptomaniac. Favorites include New Glarus Spotted Cow, Rogue Dead Guy and Chipotle Ales, Goose Island 312, Abita Turbodog, and Moylan’s Dragoons Dry Irish Stout. Someday Noel hopes to return to Ireland with his now less-ignorant palate and knock back a Guinness with some real Dubliners. Until then, he is content to flood the interwebs with tales of his brew sampling. Noel is a sucker for Brown Ales and Stouts.

Gluten Free Beer Challenge

Not too long ago, maybe 7 or 8 months to be exact, a strange and unwelcome shift occurred in my life. Foods that I had enjoyed since childhood with no ill effects began to reign down destruction inside my stomach, like an unstoppable rebel force. Perhaps I’m being a...