I needed a little break from doing the dishes, some laundry, and a little light reading. In the mood for something refreshing, I pulled out Anchor’s Summer offering-a pale wheat. Brewed a year after my birth in 1984 the brewery claims to have revived not only dark beers, but the modern American Wheat as well. Consisting of 50% malted wheat I’d say this beer makes for a great summer selection.

The label boasts a head that looks like “whipped egg whites” and I would agree. Pure white and fluffy it creates a perfect crown to a pale-straw mildly hazy body. I noticed the aroma during the pour and it came across as light with hints of fresh cut grass, lemon zest, hay-like, bready/yeasty, and crisp. I might have detected minor hints of peach and apricot. The carbonation is persistent providing a constant head which laces down the glass.

A pleasant relaxing feeling accompanied the first sip. It was definitely a wheat beer, but weaker than your average American versions. While probably unfiltered, I’ve found it contains less yeast than most. This is alright as it gives the beer a lighter mouthfeel, yet still maintains a nice wheat beer quality. The flavor profile pretty much matched the aromas. The ale yeast contributed a light fruity dimension to it and the malted wheat gave it some body. Very refreshing and palate cleansing this beer is an easy drinker at 4.6% ABV. It could be a great beer at summer parties. One thing I am disappointed in is the lemon-y flavor that stands out. I like American Wheat because then taste like a down to earth Midwestern beer…grainy, bready, and hearty. Anchor’s rendition is a little too light in that regard.

ABV: 4.6%

Grade: B