Tree:  Torreya californica (California Torreya or Nutmeg)

The start of a new decade.  I wonder what they added to the brew to make this beer that much more special.  In any case, it poured very similar to the year prior with a deep brown color.  One could argue that it is a brown ale or mild porter base with the addition of spices.  Looks as thought it would fit either style.  The head billowed up slowly and created a tan fluffy head that laced.

Expecting a soy sauce-like aroma I was pleased to find it did not.  Spicy, licorice, and dark bready notes met my nose.  Additional hints of arise, cinnamon, nutmeg (ironic?) and hazelnut all created a nutty almost chewy smell.  Rich with minor chocolate undertones it seemed to me that this bottle had withstood the test of time.  It did smell as thought it was a little more aggressively hopped with an English variety.

Moving right into in big gulp my palate was picked up on the chewy malt profile and chocolate semi-sweetness.  The spices mentioned above did play a part in the flavor and did so delicately.  They were not overpowering in the slightest.  Deep molasses notes coated the middle of the palate right before a spruce-like bitterness rounded out the finish.  It was dry and had a hoppy aftertaste layered in chocolate.  I enjoyed this 11 year old bottle very much.