Moving away from from their quad which left me wanting I cracked open their Tripel a few days later.  Again, a stellar label design with bright colors and the image of a Phoenix boosted my initial expectations for this beer.  Giving some time for the beer to warm a tad I took my time pouring this beer.  Its light almost clear golden color reminded me of a blonde ale.  It did look to have suspended yeast through the glass, but not in an off-putting way like floaties have a way of doing.

The aroma gives that level of complexity I was looking for.  Spicy hops, bready yeast that also gives off a hint of bubble gum, and light malts all converge to deliver an solid nose.  What surprised me was that the abv was not very noticeable.  I expecting some heat to sting my nose a little, but the ingredients covered this up rather well (so mind your P’s and Q’s).

Herbal, medicinal, grassy, bready, sweet, honey, fruity, apricots, melons, and spicy would all be good descriptors of the taste.  It is very dry towards the finish leaving a mouth smacking effect.  The carbonation present, but lets the malts wash over you tongue to ease the spicy yeast and hop flavors.  After taking my last sip I could not help but thing of that Oasis song Champagne Supernova.  While the lyrics might not resonate with the beer, I think the title helped me sum up this beer…lively and larger than life.